Changeland (2019)

2019 0 Min Rating: 0 / 10


On the eve of his anniversary, BRANDON discovers his wife is having an affair. Rather than confront her, he invites his childhood best friend, DAN, to join him on the prepaid trip to Thailand that he intended to surprise her with as a gift. Brandon laments to his friend that though he doesn't want to get a divorce, he isn't sure how or if he can save his marriage. Once in Thailand, the pair go on a series of excursions and tours intended for a happy second-honeymooning couple. As they travel through beautiful caves and epic vistas, we discover Brandon and Dan's friendship is potentially as strained as Brandon's marriage. Throughout their brief three day trip, they encounter a series of eclectic, and often eccentric characters who unravel Brandon's meticulous plans and show him that there is more than one way to do happy and live life to the fullest.



Seth Green


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