Angelfish (2019)

2019 96 Min Rating: 3.4 / 10

Country: USA

Genres: Drama,Romance

Directors: Peter Andrew Lee

Writers: Peter Andrew Lee (story by), Luna Del Rosario (Story by), Patrick Lee (Story by), Ella Mische (Story by), Peter Andrew Lee (screenplay by)


Brendan is a troubled, hard-working 20-year-old high school drop out, living in the Bronx. His manipulative mother, Mary, neglects her kids' well-being in favor of her own, and his younger brother hangs out with the wrong crowd. Sparks fly when Brendan meets Eva, a young Latina girl from the Puerto Rican quarter of the Bronx, on her own journey of self discovery. As the young couple's relationship develops, their home lives and dreams for the future threaten to tear their young and fragile love apart.


... Brendan

... Conor

... Altagracia

... Luna

... Grocery Shopper

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